Track Tour Guidelines

*** Click Here to Download the REQUIRED SCCA Minor Waiver (for Notarization) Here ***

You probably already know Road Atlanta is one of the top tracks in the Nation and ranks up there with legendary circuits Worldwide…  BUT did you know we can get you on the track to drive tour laps during the Saturday lunch break of our Club Race weekends? For a very reasonable donation to the Workers Reimbursement Fund (typically $20 or less), you can get on track and experience Road Atlanta. It is a great opportunity to see this famous circuit from the driver’s point of view. We do the tours at typical highway speeds – the speed limit will be 65 miles per hour– with NO PASSING and a Pace Car.

Aggressive driving is absolutely forbidden so everyone can enjoy the view – and passengers are welcome along, too. Written guidelines are available in the Media Center at the base of the Tower and at the SafeQuip trailer in the Paddock area. Everyone in the car must sign the SCCA waiver and be wearing a seat belt or other restraint.

NOTE: New Assembly AREA!!!!!!

Track Tour Map

So if you want to drive your street car on the track at lunchtime today – Cross the Audi Bridge at turn 11 and proceed to near the end of Vendor Row. Turn right to the paved road at the fence (SIGN) and proceed toward turn 5. The Tour Assembly Area will be just past the bathrooms on the left and in the crossover area between turns 5 and 9, look for a sign. Assemble around 11:15 AM, based on race schedule and incidents. Please have the exact change of $20 and extra donations to the Worker’s Reimbursement Fund are appreciated.


  1. Cross the bridge at turn 11 and turn right at the paved road at the fence (SIGN) and proceed toward turn 5. Turn right at the bathrooms (SIGN) and then right (SIGN) in the crossover area between turns 5 and 9. Assemble around 11:15 AM, based on race schedule and incidents.
  2. All cars must be street legal with seat belts.
  3. A brief orientation meeting will be held for all drivers.
  4. ***NEW*** All passengers must be twelve (12) years old or older.
  5. Everyone in the car must sign the SCCA waiver or execute the SCCA Minor or Annual Minor waiver (age 12-17, signed by both parents) and wear a seat belt or other restraint. Record of an Annual Minor Waiver on file will suffice. Please execute the link to WAIVER to print the waiver. It can be completed by a Notary Republic or at the Atl Region SCCA registration office located to the west of the entry gate. Please return the waiver sheet and pen with your payment to the Marshal in order to get your vehicle sticker that allows you to go on course.
  6. No passing is allowed. To reposition your car on track, see item 12 below.
  7. The speed limit is 65 mph. If you can’t keep the pace or are backing up cars behind you, please reposition yourself using item 12 below.
  8. There will be a pace cars – please do not leave large gaps.
  9. There will be Observers at various corner stations around the track.
  10. Anyone driving in an aggressive manner will terminate the session for everyone.
  11. “Driving in an aggressive manner” includes, but is not limited to:
    1. off-pavement excursions, excessive speed or squealing the tires, bouncing over rumble strips, hitting a tire wall, the concrete walls, and/or another car
  12. To change drivers or position in the car or on the track, come into the pits: Exit the track in the far left lane under the Bridge at turn 11, raise fist for notice, stop along rail to change driver, get OK from a Marshal to re-enter the track. Still pay attention to cars coming from your right at exit.
  13. A $20 donation per car to the Worker Reimbursement Fund is requested. Exact change and extra donations are much appreciated.
  14. At the end of the session, exit the track to the left at the Bridge and take the first ramp past the Tower to enter the Paddock. Drive with caution.