Rallycross – Rally, on A Budget

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Event Results

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What is Rallycross?

Imagine a scaled down version of a rally stage laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. The course is designed with safety and fun in mind. And with only one car on course at a time, there’s a lot less risk than with any other forms of performance rally. If you hit a cone or miss part of the course you get a small time penalty, but you’ll still be able to drive your car home. Try that with stage rally! (no, really, don’t try that!)ETR SCCA Rallycross_January 26, 2014_235

So, I just drive around on the dirt?

Well, yes, but it’s much more fun than it sounds. If you enjoy pushing your car to it’s limits, you can do so at a much lower speed on dirt. That means you get to slide your car around on course, pretending you’re Petter Solberg, cutting through slaloms and kicking up dirt. Scandanavian flick, anyone? In rallycross, all your runs are added up to give you a cumulative time for the day. So if you have a bad run, or your closest competition starts hitting cones at the end of the day, you can claw your way back into the lead with clean, fast runs.

But I’m a novice and I don’t have a rally car…

Very few of the guys that participate in rallycross have a rally car. Most of us have street cars with snow tires. Dirt is a great equalizer. There is only a limited amount of traction to be found, so cars with 100hp can run against cars with 300hp and be very close if not better on time depending on the driver and course conditions. A lot of guys just run on street tires until they decide whether rallycross is right for them.

Rallycross as a sport is still very young, and we were all novices not too long ago. Everyone at a rallycross is friendly and will help you with course questions, ride with you if you want some instruction, or give you a ride in their car to shown you their line. The level of comradery found at most rallycross events is nothing short of amazing.

So, what do I need to participate?

You need a driver’s license and a production vehicle with a hardtop. You car needs to be in good working order, with the important things like seat belts, brakes, steering and tires in good condition and fully funtional. It doesn’t have to look nice, just be functional and safe. We’ll provide the helmet and instruction.

ETR SCCA_Dixie National Challenge 2013_June 16, 2013_95What class is my car in?

Rallycross is divided into three main groups depending on the location of the motor and the drivetrain. Cars are first divided into front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and all wheel drive. Then, depending on how modified your car is, it gets classed into stock, prepared, or modified. That makes a total of 9 classes. Cars in each class compete within their class, but there’s also bragging rights for the person with the fastest single time of the day (FTD). You can find the official rulebook here <http://www.scca.com/rallycross/content.cfm?cid=44503> or you can ask questions using the forum, facebook, or email links below.

Do I need to be an SCCA Member to compete?

No, you don’t need to be a member. Non-member fees are slightly higher than member fees, but you will effectively become a “weekend member” the day of the event. You will be given a receipt that you can use to get a discounted membership if you decide to join.

Okay, how much is this going to cost?

Normal entry fees are less than $50. Some special events and two day events could cost a little more. You will be hard pressed to find a more cost effective, competition event.

I have questions, who do I ask?

We have a few sites where you can ask questions. You can ask on the Atlanta SCCA Rallycross Forum or visit our Facebook page <http://facebook.com/rallycrossatlanta>. You can also email us at rxatlanta@gmail.com.

When is the next event?

Our schedule is below. Registration normally opens two weeks before the event. If you plan on attending an event, please take a minute to register. That way if anything changes, we can let you know.