Novice Program

Novice Program

Are you new to autocross? Want to get started? This is the place to be. You can use the following pages as a guide to help you get started in the world of SOLO autocross competition.

Start off with our novice guide: New to SOLO – What is Autocross? This will give you the basics of the sport and what you need to participate and have a great time. Once you’re done reading that, check out our autocross etiquette article, originally created by the San Francisco Region SCCA. For a complete list of items to bring with you to an autocross, check out the autocrosser’s checklist.

Also, check out this video SoloAtlanta and the rest of Team SOLO has created for beginners. We want to make sure Novices and people new to the Atlanta Region have a great time by making on-site preparation quick and easy. Click the play button below to check it out!

After you have a few events under your belt, you can start to get a little faster and focus on becoming a quicker driver. Visit our autocross tips guide written by Texas autocrosser (and multi-time National Champion), Andy Hollis.

The Novice Orientation Program

One of the goals of the Atlanta Region Solo Program is good stewards of our sport by encouraging newcomers to not only feel welcome but also informed and educated. As part of this season, we will continue to offer the Novice Orientation Program. The Orientation program will take the focus away from the competition aspect of solo and focus on education both as a participant in the event and as a driver. Through the Orientation process, novices will have the opportunity to ride along with experienced drivers, receive hands-on instruction, and take 5 runs on the course. There will also be course walks lead by experienced drivers, and instruction on how to safely, and correctly work the course. New drivers are encouraged to experience one or two orientations before moving on to compete in their appropriate SCCA Class. However, the instruction does not have to stop there, take a look at our Driver Development Program for more information on Driver Instruction.

Novice Schools

Once a year the Atlanta Region put on an all day school just for drivers in their first year of Solo competition. Activities include a full course, a skid oval and a series of classroom sessions on techniques for driving as well as walking the course. These schools typically offer a 2:1 student to instructor ratio so there is always someone to help. Any new driver is welcome to participate, however, it is highly recommended that drivers take advantage of the Novice Orientation Program before taking on a Novice School so that there is a level of familiarity with the sport to work from.

Have Questions? You may ask Novice specific questions by registering for an account and visiting our Autocross Forum.