Pro Class

The Atlanta Region SCCA offers a Pro Class at all points events. The Pro Class is intended for drivers who are focusing on National level competition and wish to compete head to head with other top drivers in the region. There are no limitation on who is allowed to participate as some drivers may opt to run pro just to face the stronger competition. Part of the Pro Class philosophy is taking the “national ringers” out of the standard classes, allowing the tradition of local level competition within the region to flourish. This class is scored on a indexing system (Racers Theoretical Performance) that balances the performance potential of cars from different classes. The system, similar to handicapping in golf, allows a Z06 Corvette and a Honda Civic to compete on a reasonably level playing field. With fields frequently approaching 30 drivers and nearly half of them having SOLO Nationals trophies, the Atlanta Region SCCA Pro Class is not for the faint of heart. If you can win here, you can win anywhere.

For more information on RTP visit the Chicago Region SCCA website.