May 26-27 – What is the Memorial Monster Time Trials?

Posted on April 19th, 2018

About the Memorial Monster Time Trials event coming up May 26 & 27 at Carolina Motorsports Park…

  • Do you like autocross?
  • Do you like to drive at track days?
  • Do you like Track Night in America?
  • Do you just like driving?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is an opportunity to participate in the early stages of a new program in SCCA.

We’ve had long-standing programs in Club Racing, Solo, and Rally, but until a few years ago, we had not introduced many new opportunities to have fun with cars.

First came PDX (now called Track Events) then Track Night in America and now the success of those programs has led to a re-boot of Time Trials. Now you can take your everyday car and compete in a hybrid program that takes the easy access to Solo and combines it with the higher speed of Club Racing and other on-track programs.

What does it cost?  For this event, the entry fee is $200 (plus a $20 rental fee for a transponder if you don’t already have one). For $200, you’ll get three 20-minute untimed sessions on Saturday along with five timed point-to-point runs. Then, on Sunday, you’ll get three more 20-minute timed sessions along with five additional timed point-to-point runs. Comparing track time to the entry fee, this is even more favorable than Track Night in America and many other track events.

Why Carolina Motorsports Park? A couple of reasons – first, this is a cooperative event involving SCCA National, Atlanta Region, North Carolina Region and South Carolina Region. Next, CMP’s location is relatively central to the northern part of Southeast Division. Additionally, the track was available on a date that fits well in the SCCA schedule. And lastly, it’s a track that offers a variety of challenges but is not overly difficult to learn.

And now I’ll add a personal note – this program is the brainchild of Heyward Wagner, Director of Experiential Programs for SCCA. I’ve known Heyward a little over 20 years; met him when he was a college student/corner worker and I was close to 40. I’ve always appreciated his enthusiasm even when I thought he was wrong. A few years back when he told me his idea for Track Night in America, I said to him “That’s nuts – no one can get anywhere in metro Atlanta on a weekday evening and they won’t burn a vacation day to do it!” Turns out he was RIGHT and I’m the one who was wrong. Now when Heyward wants to tell me about one of his ideas, I listen.

I’ll be there helping out and I’d like to see you there.  Here is the link for event information and registration:


Bob Hudson, Regional Executive

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