Autocross (Solo)

What is Autocross / Solo?

Autocross (or, in SCCA terms "Solo") is a form of precision driving that uses cones to create a series of obstacles that a car must drive through as quickly as possible. Events are usually held in large parking lots, airport runways, or even on race tracks. Speeds typically don't exceed that of what you'd experience on a highway and the course is typically less than a minute long.

Despite the generally low speeds attained during competition, it’s one of the fastest paced, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can find, with barriers to entry so low that anyone can drive in a regular street car - all you need is a valid drivers license, a road-worthy car, and an attitude to have fun!

Competitors range from the casual participant who may use the same daily driver that they car-pool with to the hard-core drivers with purpose built cars. In between the extremes, there are levels and classes for different degrees of car modification. There are even classes for kids in age appropriate karts.

  • #FunWithCars

    Whether you're new to motorsports or are a seasoned racing veteran, autocross offers something for everyone. Ultimately, we all come out to autocross events for FUN, so we try to make things as fun as possible with an inexpensive way to drive your car at it's limit in a safe and relaxed environment.

  • Novice Experience

    Our novice experience is about guiding you through the basics of performance driving events and making sure you understand the fundamentals of autocross. New drivers get experience walking an autocross course with driving coach and driving their car at the limits in a safe and controlled environment!

  • Rookie Class

    After you've run a few events as a novice, you may want to start to compete against other drivers. Come run in the Rookie Class! This is a great place for new drivers with mildly prepared or stock cars to compete. Classing doesn't much matter here but this gives you a great place to develop your skills and meet other drivers who are also new to autocross.

  • Time Only (TO)

    Just looking to come out, have some fun, and not worry about competition? Time Only is for you! This is a great way to run an event and not worry about all the details of what class you might be in, but you can still compare your times of the day with other drivers. Bonus: If you run in a competition class (or TO) in our morning session, you can also run in the afternoon TO sessions at a discounted rate!

  • Drivers Schools

    A few times per year, the region will also put on Novice Schools (or TEST-and-TUNEs - TNTs). These events are great places to spend the whole day learning the limits of your car in a causal environment (instead of only when you're class runs at one of our "points" events). It also gives you an opportunity to put experienced autocrossers in the right seat to help you develop as a driver.

  • Driving and Working

    Being an entry level sport means we need to keep costs down. As such, we can't afford to pay workers like at a traditional track day, so part of autocross is helping work the event. This can vary from shagging cones on course to helping stage cars in grid or working our timing and scoring computers. No matter your age or physical condition, we have a place for you!

  • Rules and Classing

    Any car can be autocrossed regarless of preperation level, but as you develop your skills, you might want to start modifiying it to a specific rules set. Classing starts with basic mods like shocks and swaybars in the STREET class and goes all the way to MODIFIED with purpose built, tube-framed chassis you might see on a race track. Here's a worksheet to help class your car. The full rules can be found here. You can also ask one of our Team SOLO volunteers who can give you some advice on where your car might fit or what makes each class attractive.

  • Team SOLO

    Are you having fun driving but want to be a bigger part of the action? We have a number of positions that will put you in right in the middle of the action and make a real impact in helping to make great events. Some positions you see at events, but we have positions for people who want to help outside the event like online registration or writing for this website!

  • National Events

    If you want an even bigger challenge (and you LOVE road trips), the SCCA has a number of National Solo events around the country and have drivers from various regions competing against one another. There are a few different formats (from the ones we use locally to a drag race style start at events called "ProSolo"). To learn more, click here.