Shush! Sessions (Track Events)

Photos Courtesy of Gregory Pfaff

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What are "Shush" Sessions (Track Events)?

If you know Road Atlanta, you probably know that 10am-12pm on Sundays is known as “quiet time,” marked on event schedules as “NO RACE ENGINES.” There is plenty of speculative lore surrounding this policy, mostly tracking back to an early 80’s rock concert, but what is known for sure is that this is matter of law- race engines cannot be run during quiet hours at Road Atlanta, period, paragraph- end of discussion.

But wait- what about Street Engines? An excellent question and within that question is the core principle of Atlanta Region’s Shush! Sessions- NO RACE ENGINES means YOU have a chance to get on track in your STREET CAR and experience on of the greatest tracks in North America, on a quiet and peaceful Sunday morning. It really is just that simple.

Shush! Sessions are open to drivers of all experience levels. You will get two 20-minute sessions on track in either the Novice, Intermediate or Advanced group. Plus, as these events happen within Atlanta Region SCCA Road Racing, you will also get gate passes for you and a guest to check out the racing that afternoon. We will also have coffee (the lifeblood of motorsport) on hand, you can probably snag a doughnut if you arrive early enough- no promises.

Here’s what you need to know

Shush! Sessions are run within the policies and procedures of SCCA’s Track Night in America program. So, if you’ve done Track Night, you are set for Shush! (provided your car is appropriately muffled). If you’ve not, or want to refresh, here are some key links:

What’s different from Track Night?

  • Well, in-case you’ve not picked up on it- sound requirements for Shush! are stricter than Track Night- more on that in a sec
  • Entry fee is only $100 for SCCA members, $125 for non-members (become a member today!)
  • Because we only have 2 hours to work with, there will be 2 sessions per group
  • There is not a paced session- and because of that some performance driving experience (on track, autocross, karting) preferred.

So how quiet is quiet?

It can be tough to know for sure if your car is Shush! eligible. And, unfortunately, as this is a matter of law, we can’t be very flexible, but if you do show up and the car is just too loud, we will be happy to offer you a refund or credit for a future event. That said, here are some good ways to gauge if you are going to be ok:

  • You have a factory exhaust system, and your car is not a performance package vehicle
  • You have an aftermarket exhaust system that includes catalytic converter and muffler(s)
  • You don’t notice when a wall or guardrail ends or begins when driving on the street (because there’s not an echo from your car)

Street cars only? Can my car have numbers on it? What about roll bars, race seats and belts (oh my)?

Again, a bit of a judgement call, but...

  • No car will be refused for properly installed safety equipment alone- we want you to be safe and responsible
  • Numbers on what is CLEARLY otherwise a street car are fine, but the more it looks like a racecar, the harder it is to justify
  • When in doubt, license plates count! We’re not in a big hurry to get into an argument with the state about whether something is a street car or not- so if it has a valid and current plate, that helps a ton!

Sunday Morning Schedule

7:00 AM - Gates Open - Pick up your gate passes at the Registration building
9:00 AM - Shush! Sessions Check-in Opens
9:30 AM - Drivers Meeting
10:00 AM - Paced Laps
10:20 AM - Group 1, Session 1
10:45 AM - Group 2, Session 1
11:10 AM - Group 1, Session 2
11:35 AM - Group 2, Session 2
12:00 PM - Stick Around - Racing is about to begin!

Note: The events are run at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA during the quiet hours of our Road Race weekends.