Results of the 2018 Atlanta Region Election Committee

Posted on December 23rd, 2018

At the October 2018 meeting of the Atlanta Region Board of Directors, as per the Region bylaws, the following nominations for Region leadership positions were made:

Bob Hudson as Region Executive with slate as follows:
Assistant Region Executive: Tom Gorman
Secretary: Jennifer Paradis
Treasurer: Carol Cone

John Fine as a 2-year director.
Dean Richardson as a 2-year director.
David Rollow as a 1-year director.
Jan Coleman-Mitchell as a 1-year director.

Clark McInnis continues in his second year as a 2-year director.

At the first meeting of the new board in 2019, the Board will appoint an interim director for the 1-year unexpired term of Tom Gorman, who has resigned his director position to become Assistant Region Executive.

There being no other nominations by the close of the meeting, as per the bylaws no election is necessary; all positions are confirmed as nominated.

Jim Creighton, Mark Johnson, AJ Schramm, and Dustin Stevenson step down from the board at the end of 2018. The Executive Board thanks them for their service on behalf of the Region!

Bob Hudson
Region Executive

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