Other Ways to Get Involved – Volunteers!

Flagging Volunteers at the Start Line of Road Atlanta

Motorsports is more than just driving, and there are a million-and-one ways to get involved. Putting on an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Your passion for motorsports may present itself in a number of ways. Running an event requires the talents of a wide variety of dedicated individuals. Whether you’re talking Rally, SOLO, Time Trials or Road Racing, our members enjoy serving in all types of exciting positions. Get started now and who knows where you’ll end up? After all, the SCCA provides staff to every major road racing event from IndyCar to NASCAR and Formula One!

After reading below, if you want to work at a race, contact our region office and we’ll direct you to the right people.

Not sure what you would like to do?  Read on for some helpful hints…

Flagging and Communications

This worker takes a position along the course and uses flags and hand signals to communicate track conditions to each driver. This position serves as first responder to any incident on the course, maintains the link between the steward and the drivers, and keeps the fun moving at all times. These people go home dirty.


Marshals oversee activity in the paddock, at the start, on the course and in the pits. Marshals get their face next to the race, snort the fumes, keep it real.



If your idea of fun is to have all eyes focused intently on you while you savor your moment of total control, you’ll have great fun being a starter. The starter also calls the end of the race, and is hooked into the communications network throughout.

Emergency Services

If you have training in medical response, fire fighting or vehicle recovery expertise, you can put your specialized skills to work by providing crucial event support. While there is nothing fun about emergency situations, these folks are the lifesavers.


Keeping it clean and safe. These are the guys who make sure results are accurate and fair and that everyone who wants to participate can.


Scrutineers get real fun when they’re poking around under the hood. Pre-race safety inspections, preparation compliance, post-race inspections, mechanical tear-downs. If you like to stick your nose in stuff, and know how it works, this is the job for you.

Sound Control Chief

Sound Control shall be responsible for monitoring and reporting sound levels of all racing vehicles at sound-controlled events in accordance with the GCR

Timing and Scoring

These positions collect the numbers that tell the story – who drove how fast and in what place each driver finished the race. You’re on the computer, using advanced technology to measure, collate, verify and deliver the results.


The registrar is the intake person. Meet and greet arriving participants and issue and verify their credentials. Be the first official face they see, point them to where they need to be and make sure everyone gets started on the right track.


When things to wrong in an ALMS race @ Road Atlanta, Atlanta Region SCCA Volunteers keep things safe!


Atlanta Region SCCA Volunteer Course Workers

Atlanta Region SCCA Volunteer Course Workers

Run the show. Make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Verify that everyone knows the rules and follows the rules. Keep everyone safe. Solve problems. Make sure everyone gets real fun.

Workers & Officials Programs

Getting involved as a worker or official is as easy as going to a local event and volunteering to help. Workers are issued a license just like the competition drivers, and can work their way up through the four levels of licenses by participating at different events and gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to hold a national specialty license. SCCA licensed workers help staff most of the motorsport events held in the United States in one capacity or another.

If you would like more information, please e-mail one of our Race Board members and express your interest. Each specialty has a Chief and you will find e-mail addresses in our Race Board contact list.

Once you get involved and find a specialty you like, getting an Official’s License is the next step.

License Grades (the “fine print”)

There are three grades of licenses that may be issued based upon levels of experience and participation. Any additional requirements for each specialty are outlined in that specialty’s Operating Manual. The three license grades are:

Atlanta Region SCCA Grid Workers

Regional – This license is issued to all new members entering a specialty. It is the license grade held while training and developing the skills required by the specialty. The official will become moderately proficient in the core competencies outlined in the specialty’s Operating Manual. It is recommended that a Regional license be held for a minimum of two years with active participation. There are no minimum participation requirements to maintain the Regional License, however, an individual demonstrating outstanding ability and progress may be upgraded early.

Divisional – The Divisional License is recognition of accomplishment within the specialty. The license grade is considered the “Standard of the Industry.” The official will refine their basic core competencies as outlined in that specialty’s Operating Manual. The license holder will learn advanced skills and begin training in the managerial and administrative aspects of the specialty. The license holder will be competent in all non-managerial/non-administrative phases of the specialty. A minimum of 8 days of participation – typically 4 race weekends -is required to maintain a Divisional License.

National – The National license is issued to officials who progress beyond the typical qualifications and accept the responsibilities of leadership. The license holder will demonstrate advanced general expertise in the specialty. The National license holder will have the knowledge to perform the managerial/administrative functions of the specialty including training and the chief of an event. A National license holder is expected to share their knowledge with new workers. The same participation requirements apply here.

Upgrades – All license upgrades will be approved by the Regional and Divisional Administrator of the specialty. A letter of recommendation outlining the meeting of the requirements and any additional qualifications of the individual will be sent from the Regional Administrator to the Divisional Administrator with the upgrade request.

The Atlanta Region SCCA race schedule is on the website to help you plan ahead – it’s in the menu link named Schedules at the top of the website. Once you decide which event is good for you, then register for it online. A few weeks before each event, the online registration links will be posted on the website front page.